Why Video Marketing Is Becoming an Essential for Ecommerce Businesses

Online video marketing is on the rise across all kinds of sectors, however, there are some obvious places where the advantages of video marketing are so big and so easy to see that it is an essential rather than an option. One of these areas is ecommerce.

Ecommerce websites are comprised of multiple areas of complexity and built on platforms utilizing small, open-source web stores right through to enterprise level solutions such as SAP ecommerce. Part of the marketing solution of these websites includes using a marketing or explainer video and robust digital asset management tools, which can be leveraged in areas such as product descriptions and reviews on the main ecommerce site and in blog areas for marketing. Videos also can be shared via social media to draw in traffic.  But why, in ecommerce specifically, is video such a powerful online marketing tool?

Online Video Marketing Converts More Traffic

One of the most important metrics when you run an ecommerce site is how many visitors, who look at products, convert to sales. Explainer videos demonstrating, reviewing or promoting products have been shown in various video marketing trends reports to convert more leads to sales than simply having text and images to describe and sell products.  There could be a number of reasons for this. One reason is that people tend to trust video more than text and images, as they get a clearer look at and “feel” of the product and can be sure the person demonstrating a product actually used it, something you can never really guarantee with written reviews or product descriptions that often are created by someone with no interest in the product, who has been paid as a copywriter.

Online Video Keeps Visitors on Your Site Longer

The longer someone spends on your site, the more they are exposed to your brand, the products and you sell, and the benefits your product and solutions offer.  When a visitor clicks a marketing video, they spend longer on a site than when there is only text and images, even when videos are kept short and to the point. Videos also keep online viewers’ attention on your website even if they have a bunch of other tabs open vying for their interest.

Online Video Content Encourages Sharing

Good online video content marketing is shared more than other kinds of online media content.  The algorithms used by marketing channels and social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to decide what shows up in a user’s news feed out of every possible status and share of everyone they follow tend to like video and show video more than text based shares or status updates. This means that if your video content is good, your users will be more inclined to share it and, when they do, there is a better chance of it being seen by their friends.

Add to these other benefits that includes video seo marketing where Google shows enhanced search results for video content and it is evident that using marketing videos in ecommerce is so powerful that it can no longer be seen as a ‘nice to have’ in your marketing strategies; it’s a must have!