Video Marketing: How to Call Consumers to Action for Your Brand

Today, the average internet user watches approximately 186 online videos each month. Videos shared online grab users’ attention and are able to engage people in ways that still images and text simply can’t.

In order call consumers to take the action of learning more about your business or making a purchase, your video must contain certain elements. You need to ensure your video is one that will interest viewers and will get them to know and remember your true brand.

Make It Speak to Your Target Market

Through the video content you use for your brand, give your target market what they want and need from you. Get them to engage with what you publish and distribute across the web. Through primary research methods that allow you to gather valuable information from your target market itself, learn what they expect to see and receive from your brand and your business, then deliver.

Share your Video Content Across Multiple Online Channels

After all the hard work you put into the creation of your video, don’t do it the disservice of only sharing it in one place. Share it across several online channels to maximize viewership and make more conversions for your business. The more people who have the opportunity to engage with your brand, the more people who will be called to take the action of making a purchase and becoming loyal customers.

In each video posting, you can include a link back to another piece of your brand’s online presence to call consumers to engage with you further. For example, if you post your video on your Facebook account, include a link directing viewers to your website. That way, they can see more of your digital content and establish a stronger association with it in their minds. You can even set up dedicated landing pages or a mini site on a custom domain name tied to a specific series of promotional videos.

Build up Your Brand Identity

The video content you produce and publish online should speak to who you are as a brand and represent your brand’s personality and all it has to offer to the consumer. Ensure your video content is relevant to your industry and to your overall style and personality. You need your messaging to speak with a clear, consistent voice in order to give consumers the chance to connect with it in a strong, lasting way.

Provide Value to the Consumer

Sure, you want (and need) your video marketing to do positive things for your brand. Goals include increasing conversions and thereby revenue. However, the primary focus of your video marketing efforts needs to be giving something of value to the consumer. Give them content that’s entertaining, or inspirational, or that answers a question they have regarding your business. Make it so the consumer finishes the video feeling pleased they took the time to watch it.

Ensure Your Video Hooks Viewers from the Beginning

This isn’t ground-breaking news, but remember that people tend to lose interest over time—especially in a video that didn’t grab their attention from the start. Try to front-load your video with the most important pieces of information you want to communicate to the viewer. Making the first few seconds interesting and packed with the important stuff will hopefully compel viewers to continue watching. But, even if they drop off after those first few seconds, there’s a chance they’ll retain the tidbits you included at the start.

Get Your Viewer to Trust Your Brand

More than just using the beginning of your video to grab attention, you must also use it to convey the credibility of your business. Allow viewers to see the face of one of your brand’s employees or give real-life examples of how you have been able to help customers and add value to their lives. Doing so will give your brand a more personable identity and establish trust within the consumer.

Visual Elements Should Speak for Themselves

Of videos that are posted to Facebook, a staggering 85 percent of them are viewed without sound. You need to optimize your videos for those who will view it without sound. Be sure visuals presented within the video are enticing and communicate the intended message. Still include audio, just keep in mind that your video also needs to make sense when it’s viewed without sound.

Track Video Performance

In order to call consumers to action with the videos your brand creates in the future, you must gather useful metrics on each one you publish. By knowing how a video is performing online and where and how it’s being accessed, you can have a better idea of the type of video content you should continue to produce, where you should post it, and how to best promote it.

For your brand’s video marketing efforts to be able to call viewers to any sort of action, it must first engage them. Make your videos short and sweet, yet powerful in their messaging so they can positively impact your brand, its identity, and the overall health of your business.