Online Video Production Survey and Trends Report Finds Room for Industry Improvement in Video SEO

It’s no secret that video has been growing into the most popular form of content among internet users, and this year’s Online Video Production Survey and Trends Report confirms what we already know: businesses are aware of and responding enthusiastically to the demand. However, the results of the survey suggest that although businesses have committed to producing more multimedia content, they have yet to master the tools required to maximize their growing investment.

Video SEO is becoming an important aspect of organic search marketing, not only for video search on YouTube, but as a way to enhance and optimize keyword phrase rankings for web search. There are a variety of different video SEO marketing techniques being deployed by video producers and marketers for online video marketing, but they survey results demonstrate that there is plenty of room for improvement.

Video SEO Techniques

What video SEO techniques do businesses currently use?

Only two strategies for optimizing video were employed by more than half of respondents, and more than 10 percent admitted to not optimizing their videos at all using any of the strategies listed. The survey also revealed that although respondents expected substantial increases in both the volume and the budget of video production, they were expecting a higher rate of increase in volume. With tighter budgets and more competition than ever before, in 2014 businesses will need to maximize their growing investment in video with better SEO practices.

Fortunately, improvements to video SEO are low-hanging fruits and even a small investment goes a long way.

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Author: Kendall Farabaugh