Why It’s Time to Get into Video Advertising

Video ads are a relatively new type of advertising that have become popular as a part of online advertising campaigns. They at first seem to be like ads on TV, but there are some key distinctions:

  • internet advertising is cheaper
  • both TV and internet audiences are huge, but the latter is several times bigger, thus, more people see your ad.
  • the internet gives you more freedom as there is no need to coordinate with the “TV heads” about what and when your ad is going to show
  • the results from internet campaigns are easily trackable with a wide range of tools to estimate your achievements, whereas, showing your ads on TV leaves you to guess the effect according to some incidental or intuitive markers

Remember video ads are more a expensive advertising type than others but guarantee your business more conversion and traffic.

Why Is It High Time to Turn to Video Advertising?

It’s a bit sad to confess, but people have become lazier nowadays and are more likely to watch something rather than read the same information. Video content is more eagerly accepted, especially from mobile devices.

Making a good video may cost money, but you only need to film it once and can get thousands of views. What’s more, videos don’t ask about lunch breaks, days-off or vacations and can easily work at nights.

You can save budget for your company with video ads. It may seem unusual, but you pay only if the ad is shown. The internet provides another more useful option: the ability to limit the number of showings for a user, so you don’t overpay.

Tips That Will Make Your Video Effective and Beneficial

Remember, you’re short of time. The normal size of a video advertisement is about 30 seconds, but you only have about five or eight to catch and hold viewers, otherwise they’ll skip it or prefer to spend some time away from the computer till it runs its course.

There are three components that work together to make your video memorable:

  • the hero
  • the circumstances
  • the way of overcoming the circumstances

Emotional response plays a great impact here. Get the viewer be invested in the plot, make them feel compassion or arouse natural curiosity to know how to solve the problem and then show how your product can help with the challenge.

How-to videos serve as a good example. You can tell people about a new product or skill and show how it can be used or obtained. It’s important to keep a delicate balance and show you want people to learn something new and your product is a good aid for it. Videos with imposed goods and only show afterwards how they can be implemented, are treated quite negatively. Feature the problem or new skill first, then provide the solution or means to obtain the skill.

It may not go viral, but your video should be exciting or unpredictable for the audience. People are tired of boring videos where they can guess the ending. Remember, your audience wants to forget about their problems while watching your ad, so add some humor to make your clients laugh and remember you. They may want to share this emotion with friends or relatives and you could gain more potential buyers. Next time, when seeing your brand somewhere in the street or on TV, those viewers are more likely to associate your company or product with a pleasant moment. Thus, giving you an edge over your competitors with that viewer.


All these hints will serve you well while making video ads. But the quality of your material is factor number one. We have so many gadgets that anyone and everyone can record video but there’s more to an effective video ad than just filming. You should remember that ads featuring seemingly “amateur video from a smartphone” hide a lot of the pain and work of an operator’s team and, yes, professional equipment.

Your video ad is your business card so try to make it perfect.