11 Apps and Tools to Promote Your Corporate Video on the Web

So, you’ve spent months toiling over your corporate video. You’ve invested all the time and money you can and you’ve completed all the filming, animations, and editing. From there, you’ve uploaded your video file to your website, shared it on your social media pages and now you’re sitting back and waiting for it to go viral. However, those views just aren’t coming in and it’s left you scratching your head. What is it you’re missing?

In this article, we’ll explore 11 helpful online tools you can use to promote your video, enabling it to reach the masses and bring your business to a new level of success.

  1. Buzz Sumo

To kickstart our list, this is a simple online tool, with both paid and free options that enable you to type in any search term related to your video. For example, if you’re a travel website and your video is on holiday destinations, you can search ‘holiday destinations.’ This will then feed information back to you on the best trending articles in the industry at the time of the search. You can then use this information to market your video according to the latest trends.

  1. Buffer

There’s no better way to market to your potential customers than emailing them directly. Using your existing email list, Buffer will allow you to create, track, and analyze the performance of an email that features your video. Make sure you include an option for readers to share your video with their followers!

  1. Bright Cove

If you’re looking for a complete package when it comes to promoting your video, Bright Cove could be the ideal solution for you. With Bright Cove, you can host, promote and generate leads from your video using the company’s leading software platform.

  1. Essayroo

Before online users watch a video, especially if they are rushed for time, as most people are, they read the description that accompanies it. It’s imperative you get this bit right otherwise you could be missing out on thousands of potential views and sales. If you’re in need of a high-quality description, seek out a writer on Essay Roo to create one to match your exact requirements.

  1. Kizoa Video Editor

Sometimes, as much as you’d hate to realise, your video may not be receiving the views simply because it’s not quite there. If you need to edit your video, maybe by adding some titles or changing around the scenes, Kizoa is a simple yet powerful video editing platform that allows you to take control of your videos.

  1. VidYard

Created with businesses in mind, VidYard is a powerful video hosting platform that gives you access to a complete range of tools that will help you to monetize and advertise your video. Using the tools, you’ll be able to increase the number of leads your video generates as well as integrate your video into some of the leading video promotion platforms.

  1. UK Writings

Alternatively, if you have created your own description, chances are, as with most writing, you won’t get it right the first time. If you don’t have the time to continuously look over your description to ensure you are communicating the right message, UK Writings provides editing services that can edit your description exactly how you want it.

  1. Wistia

Similar to VidYard, Wistia is a unique video hosting platform that helps provide you with the essential analytics you need to boost your sales, leads, and number of views. Wistia can help you integrate your video into several video platforms and websites and offers advanced help services for 360° videos and video management tools.

  1. Vidzor

Sometimes, a straightforward video just isn’t enough to compete with the competitors in your industry. With this in mind, Vidzor allows you to create interactive videos that add a new and unique dimension to your videos. There are a ton of features to choose from, allowing your viewers to engage in a new way with your company, guaranteed to help your video go viral.

  1. StoryGami

Similar to Vidzor, StoryGami works with some of the leading corporate businesses in the industry helping you ‘supercharge’ your videos with an insanely high level of interactivity. Using this tool, you can also access to a plethora of some of the most popular and leading video hosting platforms to help promote your video. You can even embed in-video purchasing, helping you secure those all-important sales.

  1. Academized

If you upload a description riddled with errors, you are instantly harming the credibility of your business. To ensure this doesn’t happen, upload your description to Academized to have it proofread by a professional.

There are many ways you can approach the promotional stage of your video marketing campaign. By being smart, taking your time, and staying organised, you can be sure that you cover all the bases while ensuring your video is accessible to everybody. Consequently, you’ll see a dramatic increase in views and, therefore, your sales.