3 Top Tips for Shooting Marketing Videos on Your Smartphone

When it comes to increasing brand awareness and accessing viewers for companies and any organization or non-profit, serving up quality online marketing videos across the Internet is one of the most popular ways to reach millennials and most everyone else, young and old, who love their smart phone to access content. As television advertisements have been around for almost as long as the television itself, so too are marketing short-form videos, and even shorter-form advertising videos, available to businesses of all sizes at an affordable price.


Online and hardware advancements bring us all smartphones with camera ready and video production features that allow anyone to create fun and engaging videos. Even the most cash-strapped business owners, and online marketers working to tight budgets, can produce excellent marketing videos with great results. We’ve put together these top three tips to help you understand how to use your smartphones for video creative and improve your web video production skills.

1. Decide on a Video Shooting Platform


Thanks to video features on a range of different platforms, especially social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, it’s easier than ever to shoot marketing videos and share them with customers immediately. Along with that, features such as Facebook’s ‘Live video’ allow you to connect with your followers through video that they can watch exactly as it happens. Knowing which platforms you’re using in order to share your smartphone videos is essential, as the process allows you to tailor videos to fit well for the right viewer audience. However, bear in mind that shooting live video can use up plenty of data, so it might be a good idea to unlock the cell phone handsets that you use for this purpose (see Unlock Base for more information) so that you can use a separate data plan and save money!

2. Consider Video Cropping

When you’re using platforms such as Instagram or Vine to share your marketing videos, it’s important that the video is “cropped down” to a square in order to make sure that it fits within the frame on the mobile viewing device. Because of this, when shooting videos on your smartphone, it’s a good idea to ensure that you are fully aware of what you are shooting and that the video will look just as good with the sides and the top of the video cut off.


Or, many smartphones actually will allow you to shoot video with these square dimensions to start, thus making it a perfect fit. When you’re shooting video for platforms such as Facebook, opting to shoot in landscape, rather than portrait, can make your video look much more professional by getting a nice widescreen shot.

3. Set Proper Audio Settings

When shooting video on smartphones, it’s vital to remember the importance of getting the audio and sound PERFECT! When sharing your marketing videos on social media marketing, it’s important to remember the video often will auto-play on the feeds of your followers, but they won’t hear any sound until they actively click on it. Because of this, it’s essential to ensure that your video is designed in such a way that the viewer will be encouraged to click on the video within the first few seconds of seeing it, even if they can’t actually hear what’s going on.


With most good smartphones offering great video and audio shooting capabilities, it’s a great way for marketers and business owners to create “cheap” but engaging marketing videos and then share these marketing videos across the Internet and on websites instantly. Have fun and experiment with your web video production, as viewers today often appreciate videos that are real and not only high-end, professionally produced videos.