4 Benefits Of Video Communications and Marketing For Your Brand

Video content marketing is a marketing trend that you can’t ignore. It’s a hot topic that’s growing in popularity – still. However, marketing is a tough job given all the noise you have to cut through, which is why video marketing is a viable solution that’ll grab your consumer’s attention and keep hold of it. Therefore, learn the benefits of this marketing tactic for your campaigns and how to execute it right.

  1. Videos Open the Doors to Creativity

Video content for marketing is an art form and one that has the potential to be a huge success when implemented correctly. This is the age of technology and everyone loves the next technological breakthrough. The faster and flashier something is, often the better. But be careful and always be sincere in what you market, as people see through simple or even dumb marketing and they will penalize you for it. Marketing options are endless given the advancements in audio and graphics in the world of video technology and the myriad of social media channels to reach your audiences. Since today’s consumers are glued to their phone and computer, and it’s how they WANT TO communicate, it’s up to the brands to build creative video content to grab their attention. Of equal importance, when done creatively, strategically, and with a flare of fun video encourages consumers to tell their friends about it and, as we know, word of mouth (or word by social media sharing) is the best way to build your brand and gain new customers. If you need help getting started, there are wonderful web design services out there to assist with how you display and deliver video and other content via any social media and marketing channel.

  1. Visual Content is Engaging

Seeing visual content is more captivating than reading or hearing it. The myriad of color and animation options is boundless. And, yes, if images are worth a thousand words then a marketing video just might be worth a million words! In addition, videos encourage sharing with social icons, action commands, and viral properties. When a video goes viral, it goes everywhere. A friend sees it and wants to show their friends and family, and they pass it on to the next person. But remember that a person must see that a video is creative, funny, or interesting enough to want to take the time to share it with their network. So take the time to work with folks who know how to make engaging and succinct video content. Here are examples of marketing videos that work: Flimp Communications video examples.

  1. Videos Must Work Well on Mobile

Video marketing works well on mobile (very well) and this is huge because consumers are on their phones texting and surfing the Internet all the time. Therefore, it’s necessary for your video to launch and work properly on mobile phones, otherwise, you risk losing your audience. If there are problems with viewing the video, it won’t be long before the user clicks out and moves on to the next email or exciting piece if content to view. Launching a marketing video that’s reachable to everyone on mobile gives you a better chance of success than if the video were only viewed on the computer. Most videos shared online will work fine, but it is always important to check! Here is a good article to read – just to be sure: Ups and Downs of Video Hosting

  1. Training & Development Opportunities

Videos are awesome for teaching your consumers or training employees; the process is similar and the videos for each, must be nuanced for the target audience. Video tutorials and instructional videos work well to get the knowledge communicated in a flawless fashion that can be accessed 365/24/7 from any device. As an example, a type of video that works well with consumer audiences is if you’re showing them how to cook or bake a new dish. Quick cooking tutorials are popular and helpful to the right audience. This example can be applied to all industries, not just cooking. Many companies use videos of 1-5 minutes to train and educate employees too. You can chapter these videos to ensure maximum engagement. So try to use explainer and training videos to train your employees or show your customer a new product and how it works.


If you aren’t already, it’s time to get yourself up to speed with video marketing. These are just a few of the many benefits that this marketing tool delivers. Experiment with different types of videos and audiences. Use your creative juices to launch unique videos that have the opportunity to go viral. Video isn’t going away, so it’s best to learn about it and get on board with all it has to offer.