4 Tips to Manage Your Online Reviews & Use Video Content to Garner Reviews

Customer reviews are very important to shoppers. In fact, most buyers read online reviews before they visit a business so that they can know the opinion of other customers. Also, they trust online reviews just like they do personal recommendations. Therefore, it is important for a business to manage its online reviews, to check what the customers are saying about the business, whether positive or negative since all will influence the decisions of buyers. And remember, while it is important get reviews and collect associated data it is more important to analyze the data and then interact with customer reviews to enhance business performance and customer interaction. By this we mean that you should take action, engage with your customers, and listen and respond actively to whatever they’re saying online.

So, what can do to manage your online reviews and customer interaction?

  1. Track all reviews

Luckily, you can use an online reviews management company to track the reviews. While you can get free services for reporting and tracking reviews that may include receiving notifications each time you are reviewed, there are also online reviews trackers that give extra services, but for a fee. For instance, these reviewtrackers can collect, organize and make the reviews easy to read. They can collect reviews from different business locations and accommodate many user accounts. The important thing is to know when customers review your business and on which websites.

  1. Respond promptly to all reviews, even to the negative ones

Potential customers are interested in the negative reviews as much as they need to see the positive reviews. When you respond and express genuine concern to negative reviews, and work towards resolving the problem, you build trust with the reviewer as well as the customer. The way you respond to negative reviews can draw more customers to your business since they know if they have issues, they will be addressed. When you address the negative reviews and provide a solution, you may end up changing the opinion of the reviewer. It also helps to mitigate any damage the negative review may have caused. A company that engages all people shows that it cares and that it wants to address the issues of its customers and that it appreciates the positive reviews. Respond to the reviews promptly since it shows customers that you are attentive and that you care.

  1. Get more reviews … hint … use video too

The more reviews the more buyers can know more about your product and/or service. More reviews also mean a higher conversion rate. You should come up with a way in which more customers can leave reviews of your products and/or services. This way, you can understand your customers’ needs and preferences. You will also know what you are doing well and what you need to rectify.

To make this possible and obtain more reviews you can:

  1. request reviews immediately when a person is viewing your product or service
  2. use email reminders to make reviewing easy
  3. let your customers know that you are on review sites and that they can leave reviews to show they appreciate your business and make sure to provide a link for easy access
  4. use an array of video content (usually 60 seconds or less in length) such as:
    1. highlights of your products and/or services displayed next to your product and services and review area
    2. interviews with people using and interacting your products and/or services
    3. customer testimonials … happy customer are best :-)
    4. fun & humorous videos about you staff and anything else as it is important to be human, authentic, and have fun with customers, especially millennials and…
    5. your team replying via video to customers reviews and posting these replies
      • Note: these videos really work, can be filmed from your smartphone, adds true authenticity to your brand, and they can be easily converted and uploaded to your website
  1. Encourage loyal customers to share their experiences

Online reviews and responding to them help build your business; statistics and studies about responding to online reviews prove this out. Ensure you have as many reviews as possible, build trust by being part of the conversation, and respond to both positive and negative reviews. Also allow people and make it easy for them to share your reviews in any online and social media channel they desire. When loyal customers share their experiences both good and bad, they can help buyers to understand better the business and to attract more customers.