5 (+1) Steps of Successful Content and Video Content Marketing for Entrepreneurs


For entrepreneurs, especially those who are just getting started to market their products and services online, the concept of content and video content marketing may seem difficult to understand. Bottom line, content marketing is beneficial to your business, using video in content marketing is essential, and getting started doesn’t have to be difficult. In this article, we take a look at some of the basics to start your own content marketing campaigns in a few simple steps.

So, let’s start by answering two questions: 1. “What is content marketing?” and 2. “How can your business benefit from this type of online marketing?”

Overview – The Basics of Content and Video Content Marketing


Content marketing is marketing approach that focuses not on hard-selling the products or services and instead creates valuable educational, and sometimes fun, interactive content to attract specific targeted audiences. The goal is to appeal to a target audience through content that interests people in order to capture, retain, and maintain their interest and to convert them into loyal customers. Simple!

Great content may include helpful descriptions on your website on how to use products and blog posts that provide information to help a viewer access value-add information and differentiating factors of your products or services compared to competitors and/or provide helpful and honest, educational information that shows you are an expert in your field – people love working with experts, who want to help! Other valuable content includes newsletters, emails, online advertising banners, video ads, and short explainer videos that you use on websites, blogs, YouTube channels, social media sharing channels (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter), and in video email marketing.

Benefits to your business of creating quality content and distributing this content via many marketing channels include: showing that you are an expert in your field, showing that you offer truly great products and services, providing numerous gateways for customers to find your business online, and – most of all – gaining loyal followers, who may not become a customer today but certainly will keep you in mind tomorrow.

Content and Video Content Marketing in 5 (+1) Steps – Here we go!


So, where do we start? There are two main parts of successful content marketing. The first part includes: doing basic research on your target audience(s) so you know what interests them, how they like to receive information, and what makes them tick everyday. Then you write, design and produce content and create marketing videos about your products and services that speak – as best you can – to this audience and format that content to be distributed through each aforementioned channel.

The second part is converting your viewing audience into customers. This is often more difficult than part one. But you can do it effectively with a well-crafted content marketing delivery strategy combined with strategically placed calls-to-actions within your content to convert viewers on your website, social media channels, emails and other online advertising channels into sales and lead generation opportunities. So how do we do this?

Content and Video Content Marketing in 5 (+1) Steps

Content marketing and video content marketing is all about indirectly selling your products and services. In other words, sales and leads will come to you if you show you are an expert, are honest about who you are, and offer people value beyond just selling them a great product or service.

Rather than just advertising products and services, for instance, write articles about the industry, how the products can be maximized and other general information that appeals well to the target audience. Create simple banner ads and that direct people to this value-add content. Then, while people are reading your content or watching your videos, you can provide them a link to learn more, ask them to be part of your newsletter to stay up to date, provide first time discounts, provide them the opportunity to buy now (of course) and many other ways to continue to engage people while they are engaging with your helpful digital and video content.

Successful content and video content marketing can be summed up into “5 + 1 Steps’:


  1. Understand your business, the products you’re selling and the target audience you want to reach.
    • Note: always take extra steps to know what your target users are looking for and how they like to receive and interact with content
  2. Write and produce great written, visual, and video content that users find valuable and want to read, click on, and view again
    • Note: be unique in how you design each piece of content and have fun!
  3. Publish/Distribute content in various channels – your website and on other websites, your blog and on other blogs, newsletters, social media channels, video emails etc… and make sure the content can be accessed AND SHARED easily and comfortably.
    • Note: remember that simple user experiences with your content are essential
  4. Build, retain, and maintain your audience by creating quality content bi-monthly. Stale and old content is a turn off.
    • Note: updating video content every 3-6 months to keep it fresh is recommended. These can be small updates to an existing video or including new, self-made videos from your smartphone on how a product works in real time or a quick update on things from you! People love original video content that is real; successful web video production content does not always have to be professionally produced for it to work and gain attention!
  5. Convert and monetize your content use your own methods and getting a little help from others – see “Speeding Things Up – A Little Help Please!” below
  6. Evaluate, Update/Revaluate, and Repeat!

Follow these steps and you will have a working content marketing machine that continues to attract an audience and convert them to customers.

Content and Video Content Marketing – Speeding Things Up – A Little Help, Please!

Getting started with content marketing can be daunting, especially if you’re a new business trying to gain a lot of exposure. Although content and video content marketing is an effective way to market your products, if you don’t do it right and don’t deliver and advertise your content through the best-targeted marketing channels you may do more harm than good.

Fortunately, there is help at an affordable price. You can use the best content distribution and display advertising network to speed things up to ensure the time you spent on creating value-added content is seen properly across the Internet.

Content distribution networks that already work with reputable publishers and websites can help you gain traction and earn a lot of exposure and sales leads for your content. Your quality content does the hard work of sparking attention, retaining audiences, keeping them wanting more, and converting them into customers for your products and services and a quality distribution network ensures that your content is seen at the right time of day and by the right targeted people interested in your products and services anywhere across the Internet.