5 Reasons Why Video Marketing Is Important For Your Business

Video marketing is increasingly popular. In fact, in 2016 more than 60% of all businesses have implemented videos as part of their marketing strategy. More than half of these companies were not using videos a year ago, which means that this type of marketing has become even more powerful.

In this article, we are going to tell you more about the benefits of video marketing, how they can boost your business and why you should use them more often.

  1. Increased conversions & sales

A perfectly optimized video shot with a high-quality camera can increase your conversions by a lot and almost 80% of consumers recall watching a video that they saw in the past 30 days. Customers tend to enjoy videos, and they believe that products represented that way are trustworthy.

Our research shows that more than 70% of the users who watched a short video about a product have then decided to buy it. According to scientists, this is not a surprise as vision is our most dominant sense, and we’re controlled by it.

  1. Good return on investment

The truth is that quality video production can be that requires both time and money. However, studies show that videos provide a great return on investment. Moreover, many online video editing tools are getting better as they provide more options and get cheaper.

Our research has shown that the perfect quality of the video is not what matters most but rather the value of the video content. Users are annoyed by long videos that don’t explain the use of the product accurately and clearly.

  1. Videos build loyalty

To build a great company, you will need a large base of loyal followers. Building trust amongst your customers is a tough task, in which you must invest a lot of effort. To create long-term relationships, you must optimize your content marketing as your audience demands value.

That’s why videos are highly beneficial for businesses. They engage with the client, they often ignite emotions within us, and they provide them with value.

The effective marketing video can build trust in your brand, which will help you drive more clients and sales.

  1. Google supports video marketing

Videos increase the engagement time on your website, and this longer exposure builds loyalty. Therefore, search engines receive signals that your content is valuable for the searchers.

The fact is that your website is 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google if it has a video embedded.

  1. Mobile users love videos

All statistics shows that the view rate of videos on a mobile phone increases significantly year after year. The number of smartphone users grows considerably, and that’s why the video audience gets larger. Users enjoy the personal experience provided by videos, especially when they can choose what they desire to watch.

Final Thoughts

An important part we omitted in this article is the effect that video marketing has on social shares. Social networks encourage the use of videos on their platforms, which shows how important they actually are.  Facebook has recently launched live videos and 3600 videos. Instagram has added their stories feature and 60-second videos.

Users say that they would not mind sharing a branded video with their friends if it is entertaining and funny. This means that you should aim to create content that ignites emotions and provide value or knowledge.

As newer technologies appear, video advertising is becoming both popular and affordable every single day. Only one appropriate video is required to make your brand viral, make it count. If you believe that you are unable to create one of your own, then you might one to contact the professionals from New Evolution Video Production.