5 Steps to Shake the Dust Off of Your YouTube Marketing Channel (…or create one)

Promoting your business on YouTube is one of the most popular – and successful – ways to advertise. The past year was probably the most important year up to date when it came to video content marketing for both large companies and SMBs and 2017 is shaping up to be better. This translates to marketing experts focusing their attention on using video content to promote their brand and products and services and using social media channels as YouTube to create advertising campaigns that target the right consumers.

YouTube promotions and marketing might seem complicated, but it isn’t. If you follow a few steps you can leverage YouTube to increase your brand awareness, educate the marketplace about your products and services, and increase traffic to you website that, in turn, will lead to increased sales. So how do you become and effective YouTube marketer?

  1. Create a YouTube Channel … or upgrade the one you have

Do you have a YouTube channel? If so, here are tips to improve it:

Don’t have a YouTube channel? Here are tips to create one:

And watch this below step-by-step explainer video example to create a YouTube channel:

YouTube Tips and Tricks: Setting up a YouTube Channel

Now that you have a YouTube channel here are tips to make it great!

  1. Work With Great Titles

The first thing that pops up on the viewer’s screens – computer of mobile device – when viewing a YouTube page is the title of a video. If you want people to click on a video, the video content advertised must have something worth taking a look at and the title of the video is essential. It is best to keep the title short and to the point AND do your best to include keywords so that search engine as Bing, Google and Yahoo find the titles to match to search. Here is a good overview read of why YouTube titles matter, how to create them, and examples of excellent YouTube titles that search engines love: 5 YouTube SEO Tactics to Drive More Traffic to Your Videos & Website – from Search Engine Watch

  1. Use Smart Thumbnails

The thumbnail is as important as the title because it helps promote your YouTube channel. Having a great title is not enough if you use an irrelevant thumbnail, as it will not attract your target audience. Be sure that the thumbnail is relevant to what material you are promoting. It should be as large as possible with a good resolution whilst still remaining under the imposed limit of 2MB. Here is a helpful overview video from YouTube experts on the hows, whys and importance of YouTube thumbnails:

Why do YouTube Thumbnails Matter? – from YouTube Creator Academy

  1. Optimize Your YouTube Channel with Great Video Content

Creating a channel is not hard but to do it right it does take time. To create a great YouTube channel it must contain compelling and relevant video content; it helps to have a combination of overview videos, explainer videos and even an in-depth video about your products and services. Then you need to brand your channel to make it relevant and easier for search engines to find it. This will improve viewers’ experiences and encourage more people to hit that subscribe button as they see you as an expert offering on going value.

The channel and your business must echo in unison what you do to make sure that it helps your videos and promotion efforts in order to boost audience and attract more viewers to it. Here are some tips to help: How to Optimize Your YouTube Channel – from wikiHow

  1. Get Some Help with YouTube Collaborators

The best part of YouTube marketing is that you can collaborate with other YouTube users so that you both benefit from expanding you respective YouTube communities. There is a lot of exposure to get through other YouTube channels. And collaborating with others introduces you to new audiences, potential new customers, and the process improves marketing ROI.

Don’t know how to start collaborating? No worries, we have you covered. Here is a step-by-step process: Lesson: YouTube Collaboration – from YouTube Creator Academy