5 Types of Video Marketing That Benefit Authors and Other Creatives

Video marketing is the best way to reach an audience. It’s simple and gets the point across faster than you can explain it yourself. The best part? Videos are fun. They include graphics and can keep anyone with a low attention span focused. It doesn’t cost much to invest in video and it’s proven to boost conversion rates. With social media and video more popular than ever, even authors and book publishers are cashing in on the benefits of video marketing.

1. Book Trailers

Book trailers are like movie trailers. What gets people interested in going to see the next big blockbuster? They watch the trailer and are immediately hooked. Book trailers are the same way, getting readers hyped for the next bestseller. It gets the audience invested in the characters and a new world before they even get their hands on a copy. Book trailers work best for romance authors, as they show off the steamy relationship to come. For young adult readers or dystopia fans, it helps draw them into the fictional world and has them craving more. Book trailers are a great way to get a conversation started before the book is even out.

2. Video Reviews

There are many ways to review a book. You have your typical book critics and other authors, but it’s also important to hear from the target audience. Aside from book bloggers who blog their reviews or share their thoughts on Instagram, you also have a growing body of BookTubers. A BookTuber is a YouTuber who talks about books. Video reviews are more engaging than reading them on a blog because viewers connect better with the reader and understand their tone better. Book bloggers often get advance copies before a book’s publication date. By connecting with popular BookTubers ahead of the release date, publishers are creating buzz. Video reviews can also easily be done through Instagram stories for those not in the mood to make a lengthy video. It’s important to focus on other social sites as well, like Facebook and Twitter, primarily in book-lover communities. No matter which platform, video reviews are effective for selling books and getting more people interested. By the time release date rolls around, it’ll be flying off the shelves and in no time, it’ll be on the Bestseller List.

3. Live Q&A

As a bookstagrammer myself, I constantly see authors notifying followers of their live Q&A’s coming up. Live video is the big thing right now across social media platforms and by adding a Q&A, authors and publishers are making it more personal. By allowing readers to get to know the writer better and have their questions answered, a personalized relationship is being created. Fan questions are more personal than publicist fed ones. By establishing a relationship early on, authors are bound to keep devoted readers for each successive book. The bigger the fan base, the more the books get talked about and spread in popularity. Through tight nit communities like Instagram, it’s hard to avoid not getting hyped up over new books.

4. Interviews

Like live Q&A’s, interviews are personal. Though they’re a little different in approach, readers get to understand more of what the book is about and the author’s process. Interviews are set up either by the author’s publicist (if they have one) or through their publisher’s marketing offices. What’s different from the Q&A is that interviews focus on a new release and have more structure. Authors are asked many of the same questions when a new book is released. Readers learn a little bit about who authors are and their new story, often getting readers to grasp the concept and themes better. The back of a book or a book sleeve just doesn’t have enough information to get some readers hooked. Interviews generate more content and allow interviewees to ask hard-hitting questions fans may be to scared to ask.

5. Vlogs and Sneak Peeks

Personally, I find the writing process for authors interesting. As a reader, you’re reading a long book and wondering, “how on earth did someone write such a beautiful story?” Not many people know all that goes on in the background when it comes to getting a book published, even after a draft is written. Authors go through multiple rounds of edits and lots of rejection. Creating a vlog to showcase the process and give readers an inside look into their next novel, authors are already getting their audience interested before the book is even finished. Much like the live Q&A, vlogs are more personal. Every writer has their own process and readers are interested in how their favorite authors come up with the story. What inspired them? How much do these characters mean to them? By creating vlogs and giving readers a sneak peek, authors are allowing readers to better understand.

By using one or all of these video-based approaches, writers and publishers are getting readers more engaged. With social media and video marketing growing, now is the time to try using video to spread the word about upcoming books and connect with readers on a deeper level. What’s more, these forms of video marketing transcend the literary world and are effective in promoting all types of creative work—artists with an upcoming exhibit, musicians getting ready to release a new album, designers preparing for a show, and more.