5 Ways to Ensure That Your Video Communication Business Presentations Are Successful

Business presentations give you the perfect opportunity to present your business in the best possible light to potential and existing clients. And using graphics, images, explainer videos, and well-structured and simple text in presentations enhances messaging and makes it easier to convey the value proposition of your products and services to potential clients. However, many business presentations don’t run as smoothly as they should. This damages your reputation and does not present your business in the best light, but the good news is that it is easy to avoid this problem. Below are five ways you can ensure that business presentations are a success from now on.

1. Use Proper Equipment and Video Playback Software

In most instances, presenters need specialised equipment so that they can demonstrate and explain their points to their audience in a professional manner. Pointers, flip charts, presentation software that includes video playback options and plugins, and 4k UHD projectors from providers like ProjectorPoint are some of the items needed. Once you have the correct tools to do the job, it is simply a matter of good preparation, practice in the correct way, and understanding how to use each piece of software and other equipment.

2. Research, Planning, and Visual Pizazz!

It is usually easy to identify presenters who know what they are talking about and those who don’t. Preparation is key so that your presentation covers all the necessary facts and addresses the concerns of your audience members in a cogent manner. In most instances, you will be asked questions by the other attendees. The way in which you answer these questions will be a clear indication of what you know and how well you prepared. Furthermore, it is essential not to be boring and not too long, no more than 30 minutes is recommended. This all includes your delivery, how you look (dress appropriately for the audience), and how the presentation looks. For your delivery, check out these 6 insights to help ‘awkward’ and ‘professional’ people give the perfect presentation from Business Insider – they are quite insightful. And for the actual presentation, it is important to mix things up with quality video production, video postcards, and eye-catching images and graphics, like these multimedia examples. Finally, if you are addressing a business audience where everyone is dressed in business attire then you should dress in business attire. If you are presenting in a more casual environment then dress casually. Your audience should be comfortable and it starts with conveying the message that you are like them.

3. Practice

Practice makes perfect! This is always true when making a good impression through a business presentation. Your presentation should be clear and concise. You should make sure you run through (several times) each point you are making beforehand so that everything makes sense. If possible, ask someone else to listen to your presentation and ask them for an honest opinion about it. Reminder from above: Your business presentation should be no more than 30 minutes, and leave at least 15 minutes for questions and answers.

4. Location

The location of a presentation plays a huge role in how successful it will be. The venue should be easy to get to and there should be adequate parking facilities. The event should be held in a room that has no distractions and includes all the features you require for this type of business gathering. All of the attendees should feel comfortable and relaxed. This includes the provision of the appropriate seating, heating and cooling systems, and pleasant people greeting folks on the way in AND out. A nice touch that always impresses is to provide a giveaway and thank you note as people walk out. Never lose this valuable opportunity to make people feel special and remember you and your business. Reminder from above: You only have once to make a first impression!

5. Always Follow Up on Questions and Promises

The presentation you give to attendees is only half the battle when trying to make a great impression. What you do afterwards as follow up is just as important. If you are asked questions you don’t know the answers to, which is fine, or you tell attendees you will contact them after a presentation, then make sure you follow up on your promises. This will impress attendees because they realize you are serious about helping as a partner (and not just trying to sell them on a product or service) and shows that you are a person who takes action.

In conclusion, it is vital to approach every business presentation in a confident way. Unfortunately, those who don’t take the time to prepare properly don’t achieve their desired results. However, taking the five tips above into account ensures that every one of your business presentations from now on will be a roaring success. Go get em!