A Beginner’s Guide to Email Segmentation for Marketing and Video Email

Email marketing campaigns are not as straightforward as some people believe. The idea that you write a quick email, and insert pretty images and maybe an explainer video outlining your products and services – or even a video providing helpful insights about your industry – to spice things up, and then press the send button will not be successful. Most often your email will be recognized as spam and, moreover, you risk deprecating your domain if people you send marketing emails to complain and mark your emails as spam. So, don’t do it!

Instead, effective email marketing campaigns evolve from well thought out strategies and procedures that have a number of elements that you must follow before you see real returns from email marketing campaigns.

There is a wide range of techniques that marketers need to keep up with if they are to build successful email campaigns. To achieve success from direct and automated email marketing campaigns it essential to learn how to create a “non-spammy” email and then segment your emails to target audiences. A good reference to creating such emails can be found here from Flimp Media.

This free email marketing guide provides tips on creating good subject lines, creating and understanding how preview text works in the body of the email, formatting an email, using the proper proportion of text to images and links to videos to avoid spam filters, and more. While the guide focuses on communicating with employees using digital postcards and video postcards, the tips are relevant for general email marketing. Other tips for creating great emails and video emails can be found here from Benchmark: Email Marketing: 5 Ways To Make It Work

Now that you understand how to create great emails the next important steps are how you set up, send, monitor, and update your marketing email campaigns. This all encompasses using email segmentation best practices. The remainder of this post focuses on the importance of email segmentation.

So, let’s take a look at it in closer detail: According to experts at Campaign Monitor, 77% of ROI comes from segmented, targeted, and triggered email marketing campaigns. So, if you’re not already using these methods then you are missing out on a marketing channel with huge potential.

So what exactly is email segmentation?

Basically, email segmentation is where you take your list of contacts and segment it into smaller groups based on information that you know about the contact. For example, demographics, geo location, IP address location, industry, company size, groups or forums the person belongs to, general interests, and other parameters. The more you segment your lists the better. It’s work but isn’t it best to know who you are sending an email to so that you can do your best to tailor your email message content to a person’s profile and what they need rather than just spamming out emails in hopes of sparking someone’s attention?

By going as deep as you can go on email segmentation, you create a full profile on the people you are marketing to that, in turn, helps your team create content (images, text, video content and more) that is specific to their interests. The goal is to have the recipient of your email say something like this when they see your email: “Yeah, I was interested in this. I’d like to click in the email on their links to see what it is all about to help me.”

Therefore, by doing this it leads to the viewer being compelled to first, open the email and second, visit your website, view your explainer video or contact you to acquire your product services. The more personalized you can make the content in the email and match it, as best as possible, to the person viewing your email the greater the chance of success in terms of conversion rates, creating leads, and having the viewer of your email regarding you as an expert and providing valuable products or services that they may buy today or in the future. If you carefully monitor your email marketing campaigns, you soon will notice improvements in the click-through rates and conversions to your website or an increase in video views as your segmented approach starts to work.

An example of how this could work in say the fitness industry; you segment your list by people who have been interested in fitness for some time and are likely to purchase protein shakes, or by people who are new to a fitness class and need motivation to keep going. By creating content and crafting and designing your email campaign (subject line, body text, layout, graphics and access to helpful educational videos) to appeal specifically to these groups, people segmented from your email list(s) will act more and you will gain success and a higher ROI on your email marketing initiatives.

To segment emails effectively into lists, you need to collect the right kind of data, understand what you are looking for in the data, and record & update any and all information that you have about the contact in you master email marketing lists. Data is king and it’s important to do your best to create a robust profile about each person you are emailing before you email them. The more you know the better you then can tailor content in an email to their interests, which hopefully leads them to love getting and recommending to others your emails!

Email segmentation and creating robust profiles on each person in your emails list(s) is an ongoing process. Don’t get overwhelmed; you don’t have to do it all at once. Most companies takes months and years to build out robust profiles on people in their email lists. Just start and add as you go along. Email lists and the process to send email- marketing campaigns will never be perfect, but you can always make it better each week. And, your efforts will lead to better ROI on your email marketing campaigns from month to month.

As you start to understand what you are looking for and how to get information, this part will get easier for you. If you’re looking to boost your email marketing strategy then segmentation should be the next concept that you start working on TODAY!

More email marketing tips can be found here from Web Video Marketing Council.