Biggest Pros of Video Marketing for Real Estate Business in 2017!

Video marketing is one of the most powerful mediums for small business marketing. But in recent years technology has improved and come down in price to the point where virtually anyone can record quick, easy, and informative marketing videos and have them streaming over the internet for next to nothing.

A Google study tells us that 85% of buyers and sellers prefer to work with a real estate agent who uses video to market their properties. With only about 15% of realtors using video, that gives them a huge advantage over those who don’t.

Are You One of These Smart Agents? If Not, Then You Need to Know This!

It’s almost 2018 and looking back at 2017, people like videos. Potential customers will spend more time on your site when there’s video, increasing the likelihood of conversion. The average web user spends about 48 seconds on typical websites, while that same user will spend close to 6 minutes on a website with video.

If your SEO agency or agent website and individual property websites include video, your visitors are likely to stay longer, and hence, are more likely to convert into leads. According to a study by, properties that are listed with video, generated four times the number of quality leads than those without video. That’s a huge advantage!

According to Forrester Research, your property is 50 times more likely to appear on page 1 of Google with video. Google also owns YouTube, which might help explain why it gives videos higher rankings. These page 1 listings will also stand out more on a Google Results page because the picture of the video will catch the eye, whether it’s listed first or last.

While doing SEO for any real estate agency, videos are more eye catching for visitors. A user’s eye is drawn to the image or video, making them more likely to click them than on any of the other listings on the page. Therefore, you only need to get the video onto page 1 in order to see higher click through rates.

Using video marketing for your hard-to-sell or high end properties, just makes sense. Home buyers will get a feel for the property before they even see it, increasing the chances they will ask for a showing. Some have even sold properties based on the video alone. Though that’s not the norm, video is a powerful medium to help sell your properties.

While Using Real Estate Video Marketing You Should Avoid Three Common Mistakes:

So why make videos to promote your small business? Old time advertising and marketing simply isn’t working. When was the last time you checked The Yellow Pages? They just don’t bring in traffic anymore. You have to do what’s new, what’s working, and go where the traffic is. Here are three mistakes to avoid when seeking to promote your small business with video.

1. Not Creating a YouTube Studio

When you create your channel on YouTube, create it in your name. Sometimes, people start out in a business that has one focus, but then begin attracting customers with different interests. By getting it in your name, you’re not stuck in one niche but can change as the market sees you and demands different products, services, and topics from you. Simply create a studio or channel in YouTube using your Gmail account, sign in, and click the Create Studio option.

2. Letting Your Ego Get in the Way

Another mistake to avoid when starting video marketing for your small business is to avoid becoming self-conscious when you turn the recorder on. This is just your ego. What do you do? It’s important to get out of your self-critical headspace and focus on your message and how you can help and bring value to your market.

3. Letting Yourself Be Afraid of Technology

The third mistake to avoid when beginning to use video to market your small business is to let technology, or your fear of it, get in the way. There’s nothing to be afraid of since it’s never been easier to create videos quickly and painlessly. The best way to get past your fear is to play with it for a bit and see how fun it can be.

Bilal Shafi is an Entrepreneur, Freelancer & SEO/SMM Consultant and the owner of Digital Agency, an SEO/SMM/ORM Services company based in Pakistan, that specializes in providing digital campaigns for clients globally.