Building a Strong Customer Base: Why Video Marketing is the Wave of the Future

Marketing to today’s consumer is more difficult than at any time in the past for several reasons, foremost is the wide gap in generations that must be considered. From the boomers born between 1946 and 1964 to Generation X born between 1965 and 1976 to millennials born between 1977 and 1995, there are a number of differences, which must be addressed. Never before has there been such a huge generational difference in terms of age as well as in their underlying philosophy – what makes them tick – that marketing takes on a whole new perspective. So, how can you reach all of those target audiences so that you can build a strong customer base going forward? Video marketing is the key.

Millennials Have Finally Surpassed Boomers


Until quite recently “boomers” were the largest target audience to market to with millennials coming up a strong second. It is now calculated that millennials have reached an age and with buying power to surpass boomers. Now there is a ‘war’ of sorts for marketing experts duelling for the attention of the millennial audience that just last year earned recognition as the largest labour force able to be employed and, this year, as the largest generation alive, period. What does this mean in terms of marketing? The answer lies in the different methods used to that each generation “likes” to be marketed to.

Millennials Want a Human Connection

The difference between boomers and millennials is the way in which they prefer to be marketed to. Boomers want something of value. This could be a tech savvy product that is innovative and one-of-a-kind … or simply a good deal for the money, a bargain. Millennials, on the other hand, want a connection with the brands they are dealing with. Video marketing satisfies the needs of both generations, but in different ways.

How Video Marketing Addresses Generational Preferences

As stated above, millennials want a real connection with the brands they deal with. They want to believe in those companies and know that their purchase is, on some level, making a difference. Video marketing brings the brand up-close and personal to viewers and with the effective and believable use of language, it is possible to win over even previously loyal followers of competitors. Both spoken and non-verbal elements of communication can be employed with video marketing, unlike traditional text-based content marketing that cannot make use of such things as facial expressions and body language.


When marketing to the largest group of consumers with buying power, millennials, it is vital to make that ‘connection.’ As for boomers, an explainer marketing video can visually demonstrate the benefits of products and can detail why it’s a good ‘buy.’ This is why video marketing is the wave of the future when working towards building a strong customer base. It is the best marketing strategy to address the needs of literally any generation … no matter their age … or needs … or how they like to receive helpful information.