Flimp Releases IDC White Paper

We are sooooo excited!

Click this image to download the white paper.

The guys at Flimp really know how to keep a girl waiting.

Two weeks ago, we brought you a story of a forthcoming white paper from the purveyors of the vanguard rich media marketing platform. We were tickled pink by the implications of IDC — or was that IRMC? Despite a little bit of flip-flopping on the name (it has flopped again — the white paper calls the technology IDC) there wass no doubt in our minds that this white paper would blow the socks off the video marketing world.

And did it ever. Hoo baby. I could go into gritty detail here, but instead I think I’ll just send you, our loyal readers, over to the Flimp site to get yourself a copy of this incredible paper. When you’re done reading it (careful, it’s not light reading) come back here and tell us what you think about it.

Download the white paper here.

Wayne Wall is Executive Director of the Web Video Marketing Council.  He can be reached at wwall@flimp.net.

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