Growing with RTB – Real Time Bidding – Text and Video Marketing

If you are an online marketer who has moderate success and has not reached your goals nor the big positive push over the top with your online marketing that you have been looking for, perhaps RTB (real time bidding) marketing is for you. If you have been an Internet marketing guru for years, you have seen and experimented with all sorts of online marketing strategies including PPC (pay per click) and PPA (pay per action). And, most likely, you are frustrated and know that online marketing is not easy and takes dedicated resources and time.

In addition, you also have to keep up with new online marketing methods. So, what are some the new successful online marketing and advertising methods used today that compliment traditional methods, and do the older methods still work? Yes, many of the older marketing methods still work, but the road to real growth is always be through new and innovative ideas. RTB (real time bidding) marketing is one of those new methods. Let’s look at why.

No matter what your marketing and advertising strategy is the bottom line is to get visitors to your website. The more visitors you get the more sales you get; we hope. So you could attract 1,000 people a day and sell one item. On the other hand, you could attract one person per day and sell one item. The real question is what does it cost to get 1,000 people to your website versus one visitor to your site and which marketing strategy gives you the best return on investment (ROI)?

Let’s take moment to review what we know.

PPC Pay Per Click overview

Many of you still play this game and know how it works. We write ads (not banner ads and usually not display ads), decide on a batch of keywords to go with the ads, link them to an ad network and you are all set. Google AdWords and Yahoo Ads are examples of who runs these programs.

You set a budget and you pay each time some clicks on your ad. You decide how much you want to pay per click but the more you pay the better placement your ad receives. Similar to SEO (search engine optimization) these ads are placed on the results of searches on search engines. The ROI (return on investment) unfortunately is often not good unless you paid a small amount for your clicks. To be candid, to get the best results it is often better to work with digital advertising companies with established portfolios, who are professionals and have a solid track record of returning a positive ROI for their clients and the skills to get your ad listed where it should be to target interested customers.

SEO Search Engine Optimization overview

One of the oldest ways to get visitors to your site is to have the best possible SEO (search engine optimization). This means that everything about your site is set up to be ‘read’ by the search engines in the best possible light.

This used to be something we could do ourselves, but it has become so complicated to keep up with SEO algorithms that you are better off paying someone else to do it for you. It is not that finding good keywords and setting up and ordering your metatags is difficult, rather it is essential to have the right content and the right type and number of keywords used properly that makes SEO management difficult. The truth is that search engine optimization has never been the most efficient or effective way to generate income. It is equivalent to making hundreds of cold calls in order to make one sale.

Content Marketing overview

Content Marketing is popular today because good content engages and educates viewers and SEO algorithms love well-written & helpful content because content marketing provides more to people than just a simple ad. Content marketing is a marketing strategy all its own. Basically, make sure that your website has enough quality content that any search engine will reward.

For an overview of what we mean by quality content please read this by Content Marketing Academy Ltd: How does content marketing lead to sales? Often, when you have excellent content on your website then PPC and SEO work better to drive people to your website and convert to a sale.

Other Marketing programs

Affiliate Marketing – does not reward you with sales of your products and services but rather rewards you when someone clicks an ad on your site that takes them to another site, such as Amazon, where the person buys something and then you get paid a referral/commission fee.

Online Guides – lists your website, simple. Very few people visit these online guide directory sites, so be careful and do not be disappointed if they do not lead to sales. Sometimes they can be useful if they are specialty directories that you pay to be listed in, but be sure to know what you re paying for so you can be listed near the top.

New Online Marketing Methods = RTB (real time bidding) Marketing for Text and Video Ads

Real time bidding (RTB) marketing is surpassing traditional and other methods of online advertising because online giants as Facebook actively support RTB. RTB allows the customer or person/company to place bids with an automated system that places display, text, and video ads for the winner bidder in real time (immediately) and attracts marketers who pay for the value of ad placement based on attributes such as detailed audience demographic and time of day viewing.

Overall the RTB industry is growing and expected to account for over $18.2 billion of digital ad sales in 2018. And, RTB video ads are growing faster than traditional text ads. Some forecasts have US video ads making up almost 60% online digital ad spends in 2018. Furthermore, RTB video ad spends is growing fast because consumers spend more time watching online video content. According to the IAB, 70% of online adults in the USA say they watch video(s) every month.

RTB works and is an essential way to grow your company beyond what other forms of marketing have done because it is automated and serves up your online ad at the right moment and to the right type of customer, who wants to know about your products, solutions, and/or services. One main reason RTB is so successful is because it is easy and cost effective. Once you decide what platform you want to be on and set your budget, you don’t have to do anything else but wait for the click to come to your website and hopefully it converts into a sale. RTB on the right platform will decide when and where to place my ads for the best possible ROI (return on investment) because everything is done on a “Demand Side Platform” rather than a “Supply Side Platform”. This means that you are serving up ads to people who want to see your ad rather than hoping to find people who search randomly online and might come across you ad.

You, as the RTB customer, get to set the parameters of where and when an ad is placed and then you never have to worry about it again. If you set your parameters correctly (time of day, demographic, type of person and their title, industry vertical, etc.) the RTB platform will place your ads in the most fortuitous sites for you to increase sales. For a quick overview of Real-Time Bidding Protocols and how RTB Video Ads Work check out this Video Ads help guide from the Google development team.

RTB marketing can help you achieve better ROI so give it a try for both text and video ads and put your business over the top.