Helpful Software for Video Email Marketing

Out of 196 billion emails sent on a daily basis, 109 billion of these are business emails. 34% of people worldwide use email and represents an astounding 2.5 billion people, which is predicted to increase to 2.8 billion email users in the next few years. The Radicati Group, who wrote this information, reckons email marketing is an important factor for any business to consider in their business plans.

In addition, consumer internet-video traffic will account for 80% of all global, consumer-Internet traffic in 2019. This means that video content is impacting greatly the marketing industry and using video in email is essential for any business or organization. So, if you are yet to jump on the video bandwagon, you should consider changing your marketing strategy to reach new audiences using video in email and via social media channels.

So where do you start and are you unsure about what software to use with video email marketing? Before you start you should research what software is necessary and ask these two questions. Do you need video analytics? Do you want to create your own video content and need easy-to-use video editing software, or maybe simple software that allows you to organise your business’ brand and documents to make video creation easier?

Either way, here are some helpful software tools to create video emails for your future email marketing campaigns:

Organization Software Tools

There is little point to creating a video marketing campaign if your company’s documents are not clearly organized and accessible for the marketing team. Excellent project management processes are critical to execute successful projects and this is the first point of action in any strategy.

To help, here is a software tool designed to lend a helping hand when keeping your desktop organized for optimal performance:

Filming and Editing Video Software Tools

Whether you are trying to explain how your product works or you wish to explain how your service can solve a problem, filming and editing are as important as one another and need to be equally invested in.

  1. Slidely allows you to create a slideshow from your pre-existing photos, music and video clips. It also has the ability to post your slideshow to social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube
  2. Slidely is a community where people can share work with colleagues, which is vital to ensuring everyone’s comments are accounted for
  3. Screenr is a web-based recorder that allows you to start filming from your computer with a swift click of your button. Although it does not sound revolutionary, this approach gets the job done in an effective manner. This is arguably one of the easiest screencasts available
  4. Even if you have no video knowledge, WeVideo allows you to be your own video’s director. You have full creative control when working with the company’s software graphic designers. WeVideo also allows your company to add your company’s brand by adding logos and color schemes
  5. Filmora was once named Wondershare Video Editor, but the change in name has not affected the software’s ability to apply basic editing tools to your marketing videos. If you are looking for an easy-to-use editor, then this software is an ideal candidate to invest in. The software also comes with filters, text, and an extensive music library, which means your video content can stand out among the competitions


Video marketing and video email campaigns are here to stay, and are growing. Because studies shows a rise in video traffic across all devices, especially mobile, creating video content and delivering the content by email and social media channels are the ideal ways to invest in marketing strategies to increase sales, leads, and ROI.

While video and editing may have been expensive in the past, software tools listed above make creating and delivering content time well spent for marketing and communication novices and experts alike.