Online Video Multi-Channel Networks (MCN) in the USA and Effects in France [Infographic]

Multi-channel networks (MCN or YouTube Networks) are the new and special marketing groups driving creativity and ROI for online digital media marketing. Born on YouTube, today they are important content creators across all social networks and are critical to developing comprehensive social content strategies and YouTube marketing content. As in the USA, the French social video and digital media market is changing rapidly with redemptions (Mixicom bought by Webedia) and the entry of international players like Maker Studios or BroadbandTV.

Competition and Changing Role of the US MCN

The role of MCN is evolving, as previously only links between brands and new talents on YouTube and social influencers existed, today, new opportunities are available to advertisers to reach their target audience via direct deals with influencers, program of purchases, and marketplace influencers. These opportunities offer businesses and brands simplicity, speed, less time to spend in campaign coordination, and accelerated b2b video marketing channel reach.

The advertising market for online video is expected to grow by 29% and represents $10 billion in the US in 2016, according to eMarketer. This strong growth promotes competitiveness where MCN are becoming the main interlocutors and brands to developing custom content and connections with key social influencers and providing new choices for advertisers to optimize their investments that are aligned with their objectives.

Investment returns and results from Digital Content NewFronts 2016 conference show that US advertisers are wondering more and more if it is useful to go through the MCN to coordinate their campaigns with the stars of Social Content and online video.

According to the WSJ, the return of advertisers who worked with MCN on custom campaigns involving groups of YouTubers has increased because online video marketing experts have take these simple steps… Read More >>>

Note: In addition to reading more, please find below a comprehensive infographic overview of the YouTube “Multi-Channel Networks (MCN) in France” from … Enjoy!

French Multi-Channel Networks (MCN) & Top French YouTubers