Show Not Tell: The Value of an Inspirational Recruitment Video

Recruitment is a tough cookie to swallow for many small companies. It costs money to use recruitment agencies, but unless you put a reasonable amount of effort in, you are going to struggle to attract younger talent with the right experience and qualifications. In this article, we look at why recruitment videos are the smart way to attract millennials in a competitive marketplace.

Video is huge. According to its own statistics, YouTube now has a billion users worldwide; indeed, many experts believe that video will soon overtake social media in terms of popularity. For many people, the rise and rise of online video is not surprising. If we want to research something – say, for example ADN to NP programs offered by the University of Arizona College of Nursing – we are highly likely to look on YouTube for the information.


Why is Video So Important?

The rise of Internet and video content marketing makes recruitment via traditional methods less successful. In days gone by, companies would send out local feelers and perhaps place an ad in the local press. This was often enough to find the right person. Today, if you want to hire the right people, you need to look far and wide. Talented candidates are often snapped up very quickly, so if your company does not make an effort to reach the wider talent pool, you will be missing out.

Show Not Tell

Recruitment videos are an excellent way to show potential job candidates exactly what it is like working in your organization. People don’t have the time nor patience to sit and read a page of information, but they are usually happy to view a video lasting a few minutes., especially on their smartphones.

Instead of describing how amazing your workplace is, show candidates what it like. Most people are more likely to be wowed by a video tour of a fun and funky workplace than they would be if you gave them the same information in a bullet point list.

Personal Recommendations Are Crucial

If your company is hoping to attract millennials, use existing employees who fit the bill to talk about their experiences in a candid fashion. Allowing potential job candidates see how happy their peers are working for your company is a hugely influential tool. Post a ‘day in the life of…’ video to illustrate exactly what you expect from an employee. Not only will this practice give candidates a better idea of what the job entails, but it should also root out the most unsuitable people for the job opening.

We have also found that is best to post video bios on your website as a helpful recruitment tool. Many job applicants hit the recruitment hamster wheel straight out of a university MSN online program and have no previous job experience to draw upon, so video bios for key positions helps them decide whether (or not) the job is for them.

Don’t forget to invite video applications too. Your HR team can use these employee candidate submitted video communications to assess an applicant’s communication skills, as well as their overall style and poise. It should help weed out the most unsuitable applicants. For information about using video for HR/Employee communications check out these helpful articles.