Site Update: Directory of Video Platforms

We’ve been busy here at the WVMC complex scouring the Interwebs for the very best video creation, distribution, and analytics platforms on the market. As it turns out, there’s a ton of them. But, being the ever-so-thorough (often to the point of obsession) Web video fans that we are, we would do nothing less than comb through all of them and present the best platforms in one central location for your benefit.

We’re good like that.

You can check out the collection of platforms here. The list is being constantly updated as new services spring up. And as always, if there’s a service you’re using that hasn’t made it to the list yet, it could be that we just missed it. Drop us a line and let us know what you’ve found, and we’ll consider it for the list.

Now on to the next task: finding something for the interns to do now that they’re done sorting through the platform databases. (We’re thinking jumping jacks, but we’re open to suggestions. If you have any particularly evil ideas, leave a comment below.)

Wayne Wall is Executive Director of the Web Video Marketing Council.  He can be reached at

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