How Social Media Influencers Change Video Marketing

When businesses change marketing procedures to use digital platforms, it is important to search for the most effective ways to interact with the customers. Social Media channels have changed the dynamics of “word-of-mouth” marketing and suggestions shared around the water cooler and it is essential that companies understand how they can leverage social media channels effectively for branding, new leads, and customers.

People often rely on online search engines as Bing, Google, and Yahoo to search for details about a product or service. Whether they might be looking to purchase a new mobile phone or are searching for a car repair service center, people are now using social networking channels, as well as other online groups, to get information, testimonials, and opinions about products and services before they make a purchase.

To leverage the power of social media and this new delivery system of word-of-mouth marketing it is important to incorporate influencer-marketing methods to your marketing and advertising mix.

So who are social media influencers and what are effective influencer-marketing methods?

Social Media Influencers – Who are They?

Simply put, anyone who has a large following on social media channels as Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, Twitter, YouTube and other social media channels could be a social media influencer. The irony is that this person with a large following is not always and an expert and often is more of champion of life, a cause, or mindset … or simply someone that people like and trust their opinion, such as a celebrity or superstar athlete. More profound social media influencers are professional consultants or experts in their fields, who are reputed for their insights and intellectual prowess such as a journalist, blogger, educator, or licensed & accredited professional.

In all cases, social media influencers have a strong impact on how their followers think and often on what products and services they buy and talk about with their friends. The important takeaway is that social media influences are an important part of online marketing in this age of massive online content consumption and play an important role in getting you products and services noticed.

As an example, you can’t ignore the value of YouTube, which is one the most powerful social media platforms for video marketing and social media influencers. Social media influencers are post video content on YouTube and then this content via the aforementioned social media channels. This practice leads the ratio of viewers increasing day-to-day of your video content.

Social Media Influencers – How do Find Them?

Here is a good overview of a how to find a social media influencer:

To maximize this type of viewership across social media channels, it is important to find social media influencers carefully. Attributes of quality social media influencers to look for include fun character type, style of message delivery, voice quality, look great in video or pictures, and general ability to present your product and services in a trustworthy way. And then when you find the right social media influences you can build a robust brand and influencer marketing strategy that could drives people to view your marketing content and share it with others.

And here is a good guide & examples of top YouTube social media influencers.

From the above examples you can extrapolate methods used and incorporate them to video content marketing and other types of social media influencer-marketing methods and content marketing strategies.

What are Effective Social Media Influencer-Marketing Methods?

Unique social media promotion programs help you reach lots of people in highly effective way. And when executed properly, social networking marketing method can lead to an increase in quality leads and sales and compared to general online paid advertising. In addition, customers interested in a brand fund via influencer marketing efforts have a 37% greater preservation rate.  All of this means that more businesses are allocating a higher proportion of their marketing sources and budgets for social media networking and marketing.

A good start to execute social media influencer marketing methods is to read this advice:

After you read above, it is important to work with the best social media networking monitoring site, as Hypr, to help you find the right influencer for your company and the products you sell. For example, a well-known blogger or vlogger who is in the fashion industry may discuss via social media posts the best beauty suggestions and remedies and then suggest your product as a solution. If you don’t want to make a video then you can use the same method to find suitable bloggers to write about your product in a similar manner as we are doing here today!

The fun part, after you find the right the social media influencers, is working with them to create video, digital or text content that they will love to share across their social media channels!