The 3 Most Important Marketing Videos for Any Business

Video marketing is a great way to support your company and build your reputation online. There are three types of videos that are especially useful for your business.

1. Company Introduction Videos

When a potential customer lands on your website for the first time, it’s only right to give them a proper greeting. Video is a great way to introduce your company to someone who hasn’t heard of you before. You can showcase who you are, what you do, and what drives you as a company. You can briefly explain your history and accolades, and thank visitors for clicking on your site. Intro videos are short—maybe only a minute long—but they can have a meaningful and lasting impact on visitors. A warm welcome builds trust and makes your new digital guest feel at home.

2. Testimonial Videos

If you’re sitting on your couch watching television and see an ad for a new local business, odds are you won’t be overly moved to make a point of visiting it. You see ads all the time and this one wasn’t anything special. But if your best friend comes up to you and starts talking about the great experience they had at this business, you might be motivated to go. You trust your friend’s opinion and their feedback is more meaningful than an ad. This illustrates the importance of brand advocacy.

Brand Advocacy

Brand advocacy is when your customers take it upon themselves to promote and defend your business because of their own positive experiences. They appreciate what you do and want to support you through their friends and family. Brand advocacy is invaluable and one of marketing’s most powerful tools. Advocacy from customers can result in twice as many sales as paid advertising.

Why is advocacy so influential? Because it’s a third-party opinion. Messages put out by a company are filtered and spun to make the company look good. They tell potential customers what they want to hear, ignoring or even flat-out lying about any problems. But feedback from someone not affiliated with the organization doesn’t have that implied bias. For this reason, online reviews and testimonials are an incredibly important part of building an online reputation.

Let Advocacy Work for You

There are many websites where people can leave reviews, such as Yelp, the Better Business Bureau, or even directly on Google. But you can also showcase positive feedback on your site. You can film testimonial videos to publish on your website. Contact some of your top customers or past clients and ask if they’d be willing to participate. They can discuss their positive experiences with your company and why they recommend working with you. Even if the videos are hosted on your website and not at a third-party site, you still create the third-party influence because the words are coming from the minds and mouths of clients and customers.

3. Humanizing Videos

The final type of video your business needs are videos that humanize your brand. These can include employee interviews, office tours, daily vlogs, or anything that showcases the people behind the company.

The Need to Build Relationships

One of the most important—and most challenging—tasks for any marketing and public relations department is to establish relationships with customers. Customers want to be valued. They want to be seen as more than an open wallet. On top of a great product and stellar service, they want their patronage to be appreciated. Although it takes some work, the effort put into building these relationships can have a big payoff. Turn a one-time customer into a repeat customer into a customer for life.

Remember, it’s easier to keep an existing friend than make a new one. However, establishing relationships with customers is tough for the simple reason that your business is a business, not a person. It’s hard to have a relationship with a logo. It’s especially difficult to feel personally engaged by online-only companies or large national corporations. Think about it. It’s easier to feel connected to the local shop whose owners live down the street than a mega company whose CEO is making six or seven figures? This is where the unique qualities of video can be so advantageous. One of the great powers of video is its ability to humanize a brand.

How Video Humanizes a Brand

When you watch a video, you see a person. You hear them speak. You see where they work, how they work, what they’re working on. You aren’t looking at a logo or mascot. You aren’t reading a carefully cultivated and edited press release. They’re real people from the company. You can empathize with them as you’re reminded that behind the corporate veil is a collection of hard-working individuals. All that makes it easier for a customer to feel a more natural connection to a business.