Video Email Best Practices To Increase Employee Engagement & Open Enrollment

The past year my team studied a myriad of ways HR professionals engage, educate, and help employees sign up for company benefit and health plans. This includes communications to new hires and the ever so fun open-enrollment season, which for most employees is between September and November with some companies offering a second open enrollment period April through May.

The good news is that we found helpful ways to use video email to increase employee enrollment and educate employees so that HR departments save time and money over traditional methods such as using posters, fliers, table tents in the cafeteria, snail mail postcards, lengthy PDF explainer docs, online video conferences, phone-call centers, benefit fairs, and the ever time-consuming, one-on-one meetings. Video email and video postcards do not solve all benefit enrollment headaches, but they help, and are used by employers as an important tool to educate employees on their benefit option plans before logging into enrollment portals to sign up.

Video email communications work and the evidence is here in this free report: “Report: 27 Employer Video Communications Case Studies”

After you read the report – or maybe before – I wrote this free help and tips guide: “Email Best Practices for Employee Open Enrollment Communications”

This two-page guide walks you through proven, and easy, methods to increase employee engagement and benefit sign ups during open enrollment. For the guide, our Flimp Communications team analyzed 1,000+ email campaigns and 500,000+ employee email communications across large, mid-sized, and small businesses that use digital media, video, and video postcards as part of their benefits, open-enrollment programs.

The information provided in the guide saves time and money for employers and human resource departments by using a one-stop-shop resource, namely a video postcard, containing all benefit-related information required to enroll on time in a fun an interactive way.

Hope the information in the report and guide is helpful!

Chip Arndt is evp|improving your ROI of Flimp Communications Video Solutions. He can be reached at LinkedIn.