How Video Marketing Can Benefit Your Healthcare Facility

You have moved up the ‘corporate’ ladder from LPN to RN and now you’ve gotten your MSHA and are working as a hospital administrator. During those long hours of study you probably questioned yourself over and over again, “What can I do with a MSHA degree?” And, now you have the answer! You can use everything you’ve learned to help your healthcare facility grow. And with tools like video marketing, you can ensure that your hospital or medical practice attracts patients from nearby town, cities, and regions because you can show them what you have that the competition doesn’t.

Did You Really Think Healthcare Wasn’t Competitive?

If you entertained the idea that the healthcare industry isn’t competitive, you need to revisit that way of thinking. Yes, healthcare is one of the most competitive industries there are because everyone is always in search of a good doctor or a great hospital or medical practice. Too many mistakes are made due to archaic technology or budget cuts that won’t allow for the latest innovations and this is where your technology, talented doctors, and patient-centric care come in handy. But how do you let consumers know who you are and what you have to offer above and beyond what other healthcare organizations and medical practices offer?

Video Marketing Says It All – Even without Words!

Whether you want a voice over or just a simple video of your facility and some of the highlights that make your hospital or medical practice special, the fact remains that those images and voice are worth more than a thousand words. This is especially the case when you have invested millions in the latest imaging and diagnostics that other medical facilities don’t have. State-of-the-art equipment is always thrilling for the average layperson to see in action and unless they have had to be the patient prior to your marketing videos, they may never have had the pleasure of seeing technology in action. So, why not show them?!?

Readers may ask how to do this and here is a great example from Middleton Family Medicine, based in Middleton, MA – USA. You should view their website and see how they present their services and staff in an informative and comfortable way. We believe that the strength of their video marketing and websites includes:

  1. a warm 2 minute and 30 second overview and explainer video of all that they do right up front when you click the website that only plays when clicked so not to be disruptive
  2. the video production produced with Flimp Media includes interviews of their actual staff of nurses and doctors, not actors, mixed with screen shots of the patience experience to make all approachable
  3. simple website layout with well-defined buttons to click to make it easy to navigate to exactly what the patient is looking for
  4. social media sharing options presented in an easy to find way on front of the website
  5. easy to find contact info & directions to their location on the front of the website.

A Word of Advice – Use Real People (see above example)

As you would in any other marketing campaign for another industry vertical, remember what consumers look for. Healthcare management needs to be real to potential patients and if you use real people in your video marketing, your online ads won’t seem contrived. Millennials, especially, want to know a face behind a brand and although your hospital or medical practice is your ‘brand’; they want to know who you are.

They want to see some of your doctors and nurses and if you want to show patients, you might want to ask some of your ‘real’ patients if they would like to be in your promotional videos. Many will jump at the chance. It is best, in any case, not to use models and actors because your audience will spot that right away. They want real people who are probably part of their own community.

Video marketing says in pictures what it would take you days to say in words. Hospitals and healthcare facilities of all kinds can benefit from showing people what you have and this is where that degree in healthcare leadership can help you shine.

Now that you have learned what it means to run a lucrative business, let’s put that knowledge to work with professional explainer and testimonial videos that put you and your hospital in its very best light.