Video SEO Marketing Tips That Will Improve Your Rankings

Everything is about videos today. Content creators and Internet marketers are using videos to deliver content in a more immersive and interactive way. Users, who don’t normally read long articles, love to watch videos to get the information they want. This trend, in turn, makes online videos perfect for marketing. Similar to blog posts, there are SEO tips and tricks that will help you improve your video rankings.

Add Keywords to Video Title and Description

This first tip is obvious: you need to add the targeted keywords to your video’s title and description. The key here is to maintain a level of refinement and moderation whenever you want to target a particular keyword.

Avoid “stuffing” too many keywords in the video title. The title still needs to make sense to your users. Instead of adding too many keywords to the title, aim for a specific long-tail variations of the keyword for better rankings.

The same goes for the video description. Google and other search engines really don’t like keyword stuffing, especially now that the algorithms behind search engine rankings are smarter. Create a nice flow of sentences and add keywords to the description naturally. Your video content marketing will rank higher this way.

Some online video platforms, including YouTube, support tags and other metadata. Use tags to your advantage to add additional information about the video. The location of the video, the language used in it, and other tags really helps the SEO performance of your videos.

Use Closed Caption to Your Advantage

Adding closed caption (CC) can be time consuming; not every content creator and site owner wants to go through the process of adding a CC to their videos every time a new one gets uploaded. However, the time and effort spent on adding closed caption may prove to be well worth the boost in SEO performance.

Closed caption is very similar to the body of your blog post. Although search engine crawlers can’t recognize the content of a video directly (yet), it can read through the included closed caption and capture more information about the video itself. CC is also a great way to add translations to a video.

Research Your Keywords

Video SEO marketing is no different than conventional web SEO. You are basically targeting a string of keywords that users are more likely to search. This is done in order to gain traffic from search engines and the built-in search function of your video platform of choice.

Before you start adding keywords and tags, take your time and do a bit of keyword research. There are great keyword research tools designed specifically for videos, so you should be able to find the right keywords to target in no time.

If you’ve been working with an SEO agency for your website, involving them in your video SEO efforts is also a great idea. Power Digital Marketing SEO agency, for instance, has an entire team specializing in video SEO. The expertise and experience an SEO agency can provide will help boost your videos’ SEO performance greatly. Combined with the tips we just discussed in this article, you will be able to rank higher in a shorter amount of time.