You Cannot Do Better Than Video

video-drives-purchase-intentJust in case you thought you could skate by without doing the whole “video thing,” try this one on for size: Doubleclick and Google just released a report which details the performance of rich media advertising versus all other forms of advertising. The results are staggering. Ads which use video more than double the purchase intent rates of rich media without video, almost triple .gif and .jpg rates, and more than quadruple simple flash ad rates.

You’re not using video, you say? Well what if I told you that video dramatically increases brand awareness, online ad awareness, and brand favorability more than any of these ad formats? These aren’t slight increases — they are gigantic increases. We’re talking crazy numbers, like brand favorability increases of 1,533.33% over simple flash. (You read that right: more than one thousand five hundred percent.)

Still not convinced that video kicks more derriere than any other ad format? Then you need to read the entire report. You can check it out here. And if you’re not convinced, after reading the whole thing, that using video is the single most effective way to construct an online advertisement, well… you may need to have your head examined.

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